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Property sales in Melbourne

Boutique agency sales services

At TTS Real Estate, our experience in the property sector helps us sell property faster. Our expert team use a tailored marketing approach to generating enquires—a practice that traditional real estate agents usually abandon in favour of cheaper, less effective, and less engaging methods.

We also offer:

  • Listing presentation with accurate and constructive feedback
  • Trained and accredited on-staff auctioneer at your disposal
  • Open homes whenever you require, including on Sundays
  • Qualified advice on marketing, pricing strategies, and lead generation
  • Off market sales with connection to exclusive networks and opportunities

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Melbourne property sales

Development properties

Developments (off the plan)

Mixed use developments are very popular in and around Melbourne. Thanks to our experience in the off-the-plan sector, our team are experts at developing marketing campaigns that generate capital.
Family homes

Family homes

Homes are special, but families change and households grow. Our team know how to sell your family home by speaking about its virtues, and finding the perfect buyer to enjoy it once more.
Investment properties

Investment properties

Investment properties are an important breadwinner in your portfolio. If you're ready to sell your investment property, we can do so by finding another keen investor, or prospective home buyer.

Developments (off the plan)

As populations grow and we all jostle for space in the Greater Melbourne area, development property sales are becoming a popular solution for investors, downsizers and first home buyers in particular. Off the plan, mixed use developments are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer more amenities and facilities than standard apartments.

Developments can be tricky to sell as there's often no tangible product to offer. Melbourne is also affected by heavy supply, meaning that you need an agent who knows the market well. TTS Real Estate uses proven off market sales strategies to develop campaigns that find more avenues for success.

Property development houses
Family home property sales

Family homes

Selling the family home is one of the biggest decisions a family can make. Whether you are looking for something to support future growth, moving interstate, or looking to downsize, moving out of the family home can be a life-changing experience.

Selling a family home is all about fostering an emotional connection with a new buyer. You know what makes your home special, and new families need to find their own benefits, whether it's size, style, location, or potential for renovation. To stand out in a competitive market, each sales campaign requires a tailored approach, complete with high quality photography, and effective digital marketing.

Investment properties

Investment properties can offer decent income, but there comes a time when you may want to sell off your assets. Fortunately, Australia is not short on property investors looking for their own piece of the Greater Melbourne area. Thanks to our experience in managing rentals, the TTS Real Estate team knows how to get the most out of your investment property when it comes time to sell.

To sell an investment property, a new investor has to see potential for income and future growth. Part of our exhaustive investment property sales process is to source accurate data from the local rental market. This paints a detailed picture for the prospective buyer, who can make an informed decision.

Investment property sales

About us

Tim, Director of TTS Real Estate


Our team has over a decade of combined experience in residential property sales, off the plan sales, and body corporate management, granting us a holistic view of selling strategies.

Inspection for property sales


We apply a bespoke strategy to each property, ensuring that it stands out from other listings. We find the ideal buyer by hitting the right channels with the right message, at the right time.

Versatile property sales campaigns


We offer accurate data, qualified advice, Sunday inspections, and an on-staff auctioneer—all elements of comprehensive, versatile campaigns that can change as market trends do.

Property sales FAQs

Can I change real estate agents?

If you're having second thoughts about dealing with your current real estate agent, that's completely fine. You might be having a bad sales or rental experience. It might be taking far too long. You might be concerned that your agent isn't doing everything they can for your listing. These are common complaints from sellers.

You can change real estate agents quite easily by cancelling your authority. Be sure to communicate what's going wrong to your agent, and try and remedy it, if possible. As your relationship is of a professional nature, your cancellation should be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

If you're looking for an agent that will go above and beyond to sell your home, look no further than TTS Real Estate. Our team use bespoke campaigns and standout service to deliver sales outcomes that exceed expectations. Get in touch with us today.

How do I manage a real estate listing?

If you have the right agent, you shouldn't have to. When you list with TTS Real Estate, we'll take care of everything, from marketing and pricing strategies, to putting your home under the hammer on auction day. We can also offer helpful tips on presenting your listing to the market.

The only thing you should be focused on is keeping your property looking great for upcoming open homes. This can include seeing to minor repairs around the property, improving the garden and outdoor areas, and styling your home to appeal to a certain audience.

How long should my house sale take?

That depends on the home and location, how the market is looking, and how prepared you are as a seller. As some general rules of thumb, you can expect:

  • Depending on the method of sale, that your home could sell within 30 days from the date it is advertised online
  • Settlement to take place between 30 and 120 days after that
  • That land sales and development sales may take longer

Setting a fixed auction date is another great way to expedite the process. If auction appeals to you, get in touch with TTS Real Estate. We have an on-staff auctioneer with decades of property sales experience to guide your home to the best possible outcome on the day.

Can I sell my home on my own?

There's nothing that legally says you cannot sell your home on your own. However, hiring an experienced agent makes the process a whole lot easier. Great agents can also secure better sales outcomes for sellers. Managing listings is a full time job — one that requires a professional touch.

From the TTS Real Estate team, you can expect:

  • Advice on better listing presentation
  • Open homes on any day of the week
  • Superior knowledge of marketing, pricing, and lead generation
  • Connection to off market buyer networks

If this sounds like the service you are after, get in touch with us today.

Looking to sell? Get in touch with TTS Real Estate.

Talk to one of our residential property sales experts for a free appraisal, and find out how much your asset is worth.

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