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Southbank property insights

Southbank is the ultimate location for young professionals. Being within walking distance to the CBD is only the beginning. Living in Southbank means you’re surrounded by the best riverside restaurants, inspiring galleries, and the biggest entertainment precinct in the city. Whether it’s a viewing at the Arts Centre, a walk around the botanical gardens, or a night at Crown Casino, there’s always a new adventure waiting for you when you’re living in Southbank.

The prime location, spectacular views, and entertainment options make Southbank the ideal location for apartment living. Fittingly, the average age of people living in Southbank is 20-39. This is ideal for property investors, as it leaves a thriving property market made up of 70% renters. As one of the best locations to live in Melbourne, rental demand continues to surge.

TTS Real Estate property managers can help you get the most out of your Southbank investment

Thanks to its easy access to the CBD, an excellent entertainment scene, and high demand amongst young professionals, the rental demand in Southbank will remain strong.


Average rent per week

Southbank enjoys a consistent demand from independent professionals seeking easy access to the CBD and a vibrant nightlife.


Annual capital growth

Long term capital growth remains strong as Melbourne’s CBD continues to gain prominence as an international economic hub.


Total sales since Jan 2019

Informed investors continue to find excellent investment opportunities in Southbank.

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TTS Real Estate in Southbank

Combining years of experience with current technical analysis, we have in-depth knowledge of the Southbank property market. Our professional team is dedicated to achieving the highest possible returns for your investment property.

We’re here to ensure you achieve your investment goals. Beyond our experience and market insight, TTS Real Estate offers:

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TTS Real Estate finds the best tenants fast. Here are some of our recent leasing campaigns.

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Connect with us

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Your expert team

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Targeted advertising

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Southbank property investment FAQs

Why does Southbank offer such stable growth potential?

A number of market forces combine to make Southbank such a solid investment location. Firstly, 6 million people are expected to call greater Melbourne home by 2025. The increasing population and prospering business district drive demand for apartments within walking distance of the CBD. Secondly, the vibrant nightlife, world class restaurants, and stimulating arts scene make it one of the most desirable locations in Melbourne. Finally, developers’ investments into high-quality buildings have made the apartment complexes especially appealing.

Why will Southbank attract tenants for luxury apartments?

Walking around Southbank, it’s easy to see why it’s a beacon to tenants seeking luxury apartments. Alongside luxury developments, sit resort-style facilities and amenities, surrounded by stunning panoramic views.

What should I be wary of as a property investor in Southbank?

Apartments in Southbank are highly sought after, predominantly by young singles. As such, homes or apartments that are better suited to family living may make it harder to find the right tenants. Furthermore, there are a number of major developments being constructed in Southbank. While demand from renters in Southbank is set to rise, this must be considered in relation to the increased supply of available apartments.

What are some of the best locations to buy within Southbank?

Any apartment within Southbank has an incredible location. Still, some locations will generate premium rents. When selecting the premier apartments within Southbank, ensure they have a spectacular panoramic view, are as close as possible to the Yarra River, and are in a recently developed building.

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